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Renate Synnes Handal is an artist based in Bergen, Norway.


Her practice can best be described as a platform for story-telling, where big ontological questions functions as a blurry backdrop. What are we? How do we live now? How do we chose to relate to ourselves, each other and our surroundings? It is a practice that examines the political responsibility we possess as human-persons, since we freely get to decide who and what we include as important in our society.

Her work is based in research and when they materialize, they take form in various ways. Installations including video, sound, text, appropriated objects, drawings, paintings and performative actions. Sometimes high-tech, sometimes not. But the projects stem from the same thing: a notion of the passing of time. They are trying to grasp the ephemeral layers that constitutes a reality. Asking you quietly to slow down.

Relevant education

2016-2018 MFA. Faculty of Art, Music and Design, KMD/UiB, Bergen.

2013-2016 BFA. Academy of Art and Design, Bergen.
2011-2013 Foundation-course in art. Kunstskolen I Bergen.

2008-2009 Art history, NTNU, Trondheim.

She currently works as an art-critic in local newspaper Bergens Tidende.

Relevant work experience

2018 -           Art critic for local newspaper Bergens Tidende. 

2016             Voluntary work for Bergen Assembly

2015             Art-coordinator for student-night at Bergen International Festival.

2012-2016    Freelance lightning technician (concerts, dance shows etc.) 



2018 Artist of the month, July VISP

Solo exhibitions

2021 Tilstede på alle sider. Online-exhibition, video with text and voice. Prøverommet and BIT Teatergarasjen.

2020 Ballad of the Broken Broom. Installation. Residency and exhibition at Tagteam Studio, Bergen.

2019 36. Video and installation at Visningsrommet USF, Bergen

2017 Everything’s fine. Obituary, video and installation at Galleri Fisk, Bergen.

2014 Her er vi! Performance/drawing. Galleri Bokboden, Bergen.

2014 Fragmenter. Video-installation at Prosjektrommet CS53, KHiB, Bergen.  

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